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Something has changed in fashion. More specifically, something has changed in the way we interact with, select, and purchase clothing. Long checkout lines and unpleasant shopping experiences have led many to seek out online shopping for a fast, convenient purchase. But something is lacking. It’s the personal interaction, fashion consult, running your fingers through the fabric. Enlivening all the senses.

Fashion, when done right, is intoxicating.

Trishia Grace Collection

The French word atelier translates to workshop or studio. Beyond the boutique where one can browse unique articles, an atelier invites visitors into the maker’s world—to view their work, their art, their creations, firsthand. And because our clothing, our personal fashion sense, is an outward expression of ourselves, it seems only fair that we owe it to ourselves to take the time to artfully select the pieces that make up our wardrobe. Enjoy the act of finding what compliments the body and communicates a personality.

Trishia Grace Studio Collection

Fashion is more than a trend; it’s an experience.

The atelier experience is at the heart of the Trishia Grace Collection. It’s where intimate groups—from bridal parties to buyers—can come to enjoy an afternoon together, while navigating racks of one-of-a-kind vintage slips and dresses. Save the quick trips for the grocery store, and try on a new way of shopping. Awaken the fashionista within.

Experience the Trishia Grace Atelier.

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