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When you think of a beautiful vintage slip, the incredible texture of these fun and flirty pieces always comes to mind. You can almost feel the cool, soft, silky, luxurious fabric at your fingertips. It’s the feel of a good slip that truly sets it apart from other items in your wardrobe. But beyond feeling great to the touch, slips were designed with a purpose: to help you look great in whatever you are (or aren’t) ☺ wearing.

Crafted with purpose.

It’s amazing what a slip can do for your look. The perfect slip will glide over your curves—never constricting—providing a light ‘shapewear’ effect. Not only does a slip help your clothes look better on your body, but it also helps to add form and structure to lighter pieces of clothing like light dresses, skirts and blouses. And with heavier fabrics like leather and tweed, or scratchy fabrics like wool, wearing a slip underneath these items will keep you feeling comfortable and looking fabulous all day.

trishia grace vintage black slip

Vintage glam for everyday va-va-voom.

Whether it hits at the waist, just above the knees, or tickles the ankles, the sexy confidence that comes with wearing one of our Trishia Grace vintage inspired slips will have you incorporating these beautiful pieces into just about every look. 24/7. From the corporate gig to dancing under the stars, the versatility of these slips won’t quit—and certainly won’t disappoint. But there’s something especially gratifying about wearing something that makes you look great and feel great.

In the Trishia Grace Collection you’ll find the intricate designs and textures found only in vintage slips—details you won’t in mass-produced items. And to sweeten the deal, our slips have been hand-dyed to offer a rainbow of stunning, dimensional colors that can be layered or worn any way you please. Sexy, functional, and versatile. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Come see where the magic happens at the Trishia Grace atelier… where the champagne’s always chilled, and the vintage glam is always flowing.

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