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Whether you’re getting ready to run errands, or prepping for a night out with friends, there are a few must items that every woman should consider. When it comes to feeling and looking great from the inside out, here are a few of my personal favorites. These are simple things that I do everyday that help me feel confident and sexy!

1. Lipstick pucker up buttercup and seize the day! Of all the makeup essentials, lipstick is the one tool in the bag that makes every woman look ‘put together.’ A beautiful pout brightens any face, and a little color goes a long way. Quick and easy, lipstick is the high-impact beauty solution for the woman who has places to go, and sights to see.

2. Perfume that’s scent-sational. Take the time to find your signature scent: find a perfume that matches your personality and essence. Scents connect us with memories. For some it’s vanilla marshmallows, campfires and starry nights; or salty ocean waves and the feel of cool sand between the toes. There is a magical feeling when someone closes their eyes and can connect to you through the memory of your scent.

3. Jewelry that bedazzles. Your signature jewelry is as unique as you are. Thin necklaces communicate a sense of delicate fragility that is feminine and sexy. Statement pieces can empower any outfit, turn heads and leave people wondering ‘WHO is SHE?!’ Worn with an inexpensive tank paired with ripped jeans, or your favorite LBD, signature jewelry sets you apart from the crowd.

4. Color me confidant. Which colors make you feel sexy—or powerful? Identify and connect with how the colors in your wardrobe make you feel, and how they affect your mood, attitude and overall being. For example, when I wear earth tones my eyes shine bright and I feel grounded. And when I wear jewel tones, I want to be treasured and feel like a Queen. Personally, I never wear pastels because they make me feel emotionally washed out. Color therapy is a real thing. Find the colors that make you feel amazing and use them to create your own personal palette!

trishia grace slip converse sneakers

5. Happy feet lead to happy trails. Converse tennis shoes in the summer, and Doc Martens for winter. Bam! These are my favorite go-to shoes when I am running around and getting ‘IT’ done. These shoes can be paired with one of my cutest dresses or slips—and when I throw on my kicks, I still look like a million bucks! These are my favorites—practical, fashionable—and they keep me flexing that ‘kick ass, BE A BAD ASS’ attitude all day long!

And there you have it, beauties! These are my cherished tips and tricks to feeling great every day, and showcasing my personal style.

If you need help highlighting your personal style schedule an appointment with me!

With lots of love and grace,


1 Comment on These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…

Rhonda hollingsworth said : Guest Report 5 years ago

I Love it all! You look beautiful in that picture,'re famous and to think that i've known you personally for years!! Love it!!

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